EngageSmart’s success is rooted in four key drivers.

1. Our Compelling Financials:

EngageSmart’s revenue model is highly durable and profitable, featuring customer and vertical diversity with non-cyclical growth dynamics. Our successful business model is reflected in our strong revenue growth, impressive net retention rate, and compelling unit economics.

2. Our Enormous Market and Runway:

Our SaaS solutions are serving huge, underpenetrated markets. The total addressable domestic market for our digital self-service, customer engagement, and integrated payments solutions is $28 billion, leaving large whitespace for our solutions to grow.

3. Our Proven Growth Playbook Driven by A Players:

EngageSmart has world-class talent, and repeatable processes to best attract, retain and promote leaders at every level of the organization. Exceptional talent is a key contributor to our strong track record of increasing the total number of customers, the number of transactions processed by our solutions, tremendous net customer retention rate, and our annual revenue per unit (ARPU), resulting in strong year-on-year revenue growth.

4. Our Strong Product Leadership:

Our commitment to developing best-in-class, true SaaS solutions accelerates our go-to-market model, enables long-term partnerships with customers, powers our high customer satisfaction levels, and drives our strong organic growth. We deliver highly valued innovations within each vertical by leveraging our deep market expertise.